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I paid for the 3 day event and was expecting to learn more about real estate investing. I have some experience with a few properties that generate a very good cash flow and I am always open to learning more.

I have read most of the Rich Dad books and was looking forward to this event. The host of The event was Trevor, he definitely has a stage presence and aggressive approach to selling the product offered by elite. I am actually surprised that Robert Kiyosaki allowed his name to be used for selling this expensive product. If I had paid for a comedy show I would have been impressed.

I kept thinking I might learn something new about investing. I have excellent credit and don't need to use convenience checks to float money only to pay it back for building credit. If I was new to this game or needed to build credit I might have a different point of view. I explained that I had experience at the Free info session on was sold that I would learn more.

Paying 495.00 to have a someone yell and suggest that" I do and didn't think" was crossing a line but I was still open minded but loosing interest fast.

The deal breaker was when he threw a paper cup full of liquid at the easel ranting about like a angry man I checked out. I can't expect a refund because I signed a agreement but I am very dissatisfied with the total waste of time and money.

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Thank you for your comment. One of our top priorities is customer satisfaction and ensuring that each student receive a valuable return on their investment.

However, we are not always able to meet everybody's expectations. We welcome your feedback and should you wish to do so, ask that you please contact our Student Services department by calling 800-570-2050 so that they may provide further assistance.


I really wish I read some reviews before buying. They’re total scam artists. I wonder if they have that listed in their portfolio as well


Be glad you lost $500. I lost $15,000. It is no lie.

to Harriett #1389821

Hello, I'm going today to the 2nd day of training and I have now read all these complaints and I have seen what others are talking about. Do I go or do I stay away?

to Harriett #1401107

Hello Harriett. Did you pay for the mentorship?


lol, I was at this "Scaminar", according to the speaker Trevor Evans, also. I'm praying that the few people in the audience who were eating up Trevor's words of wisdom were paid and planted in the audience in order to convince the rest of the people there that this was actually a legitimate training they were about to go on with Trevor leading the way.

I have to admit, I don't know if I've ever experienced such a clever scam artist. This guy Trevor could challenge Jim Jones for his blind cult followers.

to Your Favorite Audience Member #1413602

Yeah I saw Trevor scam in Memphis. The guy is a joke and a scam artist

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