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I am taking my time and effort to write this review hoping that one less person could be saved from a unnecessary financial disaster.

There is no free lunch. The FREE workshop at the beginning was not free after all.

$530 for 2 people for the three-day workshop that promised to teach you about short sales, contracts, banking relationships, wholesale, assignments, portfolio strategy and asset protection was overpriced. The instructor, Lauri Waddell, taught you less than what you can Google online.

My friend wanted to learn about Asset Protection. She was told on Day 3 of the seminar that you should just get an attorney and a CPA.

To save you $530 and 3 days of your life, here is what they share with you at the workshop:

0. "This company" is a publicly traded company. (I could not validate this claim online.) And that everything they do is regulated by the SEC.

1. Mobile home park is a sure way to invest and build up monthly passive income.

2. Lauri Waddell's life story (40% of the time). I looked her up, all of her online presence seems to be self-created. There was no other recognition from any organization other than Elite Legacy Education. There is an online reference to her husband's Iowa engineering firm though.

3. The Mentorship program (50% of the time) that will cost you $52,500 for 2 people. Mind that the contract and printed material state that the mentoring only lasts 30 days.

4. Some unrealistic illustrative examples on wholesales and short sales.

5. Charge this ridiculously expensive "education" of $52,500 onto your "Investor Card", aka. Credit Card....and get yourself into consumer debt.

Fun fact: on Saturday, 7/23/2016, at the IAH Marriott Hotel, within 3 hours, the word mentor was used by Lauri Waddell for 82 times, according to a fellow attendee.

Read this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/comments/3mluj0/rich_dad_legacy_education_is_having_a_seminar_at/

Important: Many of us went back to the workshop on the second day, because we already paid for it. But, I did not go back for the third day. If you think about the value of your time, 12 hours (and, yes, you will spend over 12 hours a day at the 3-day workshop; 2-4 hours for commute, 1-2 hour to get ready in the morning and 10 hours just to listen to Lauri's maybe-not-true life story), then you would not do the 3-day workshop or that initial FREE workshop.

My advise: Run when you see "Rich Dad" or "Elite Legacy Education" and pass on the word so less people risk their live and livelihood on this scam.

A question to ponder: why hasn't the government punish this company already?

This reviewer shared experience about "complete fraud" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $3000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Legacy Education Alliance and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about legacy education alliance elite training seminar from Legacy Education Alliance was waste of class time and under delivering what was promised Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I feel so foolish right now. I did not read any of this before I signed up and spent $505 to attend the 3-day this weekend.

I am supposed to go tomorrow morning, but I decided to not even go! I am fearful I will take my brand new Lenova tablet and try and shove it up one of those slick willies you know what! Besides.....my wife needs me to help her do something tomorrow and she is way more important to me than trying to stick something square into a round hole. :-) Live and learn....and try and keep the cost of your education down.

I will continue to buy more real estate. The principles they elusively try to avoid talking about are still true. I will just need to work harder finding them. So disappointed in Robbery Kiyosaki.

I thought he was one of the good guys out there. My Bad!


Yep, she’s a fake. Her and her Husband are both fakes.

He is not a engineer. Lost his license over a incident where he thought he was smarter than the department of natural resources. There’s a article from Kiowa Radio online.

They are being investigated currently so apparently we aren’t the only ones being scammed. Thanks for sharing everybody

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1308457

Lauri, Brandon and the team are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Went to the event March 18, 2017.

They wasted everyones time and compared themselves as holier than thou, especially when they got mad at me for stating previous reviews. They are liars, disrespectful and should be embarrassed to be in the organization.

Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom #1299468

This is so true, just attended 50% of a 3 day course at the NEC in Birmingham! Had to leave once the price list landed, the premium package at a 'negotiable £40k' seemed a little steep

Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States #1267815

95% sales pitch, the rest education. mostly wasted time.

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #1202162
Legacy Education Alliance Verified Representative

Good day and thank you for your feedback. The free workshop is indeed free though we do sell additional products toward the end of the session.

The three-day basic training is the first step towards achieving financial independence and while it is true that you may find useful information online, there is also a great deal of misinformation on Google not to mention the inability to engage with the educator or network with other students directly. Legacy Education Alliance is publicly traded (http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/LEAI/quote) and therefore everything we say and do is compliant with the SEC. Each and everyone of our speakers is therefore heavily vetted. Robert Kiyosaki says: "There is always risk.

Your job is to learn to manage risk rather than avoid it". This quote rings true with our students. The risk in this scenario is whether or not you will rise to the challenge. We are not a get-rich-quick-scheme and hours must be put in if you want to succeed.

Resources must also be invested and in order to properly manage risk, you must decide whether or not you are fit to participate in our Elite program.

We do not foment actions that may lead to further financial distress as this is contrary to our teachings. Regards.

to LegacyEducationAllianceCa Parker, Colorado, United States #1213731

BS, this is a total scam!

to LegacyEducationAllianceCa #1401721

YEA..............rigggggghhhhhhtttt. :-)

to LegacyEducationAllianceCa #1444504

After being an investor for 12 years, going to this seminar looking to step my game up. Came out dumber than I started because Lauri told me that my thinking was stupid, because I told her that this program that they are selling is too expensive and they are taking advantage of people in desperate situations.

Knowledge without a degree or certification should not cost that much. Also one of the team members tried to sell me this crap by showing me his 20,000 dollar watch. You shouldn’t try to sell or market any kind of program with flash. I wonder how many desperate people he scammed to get that watch.

My opinion the program is baited information so that you can further buy into their scam. And to Lauri you are not worth 50,000 dollars for your time.

to LegacyEducationAllianceCa #1486970

Nice speech Legacy Education, I can see you’re well versed in scare tactics.

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